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How to Increase Your Business in 30 Days…

How I Begin Taking Savvy Entrepreneurs with a Burning Desire to Increase Their Business from Cold Campaigns to HOT Sizzling Cash Generating Marketing Campaigns in 30 days or Less!

Before I share my secret sauce responsible for doubling 99% of the entrepreneurs I work with once implemented let me tell you a story..

I’m currently being “courted” by a company that does business on a global stage to basically take over their urban marketing as they have failed to capitalize on the young American marketplace for a new product line. They decided to replace their current marketing team then got referred to me by one of my oldest clients whom they respect.

Because of the relationship they opened their mind to my response of not wishing to work within their company and I took time to explain the benefits of outsourcing their marketing to me instead.

I don’t normally like working with bigger corporate clients due to a bad experience I had when I was 15 and had made an agreement to purchase a smaller holding from a corporate entity after reaching an agreement with the local divisions manager the head branch came in with their lawyers and once I came to the table started in with non essential questions and even though my response was golden they backed out essentially due to my age (although I had representation and ability to bind the deal), they even disrespectful brought up a desire to know source of funding etc etc.

Did I mention even the local boots on the ground reps who agreed to the deal had never met me in person 😉 surely had my hair, eyes and age been different the deal would have closed.

The reason that reference is sorta important is this corporation wishes to fly me out all expense paid to talk shop, while after seeing their current marketing plan I told them to shred it and let me do what I’m best at. Personally I build over 200 plus virtual assets that puts me in a position to never have to agree to anything that doesn’t fit my family or 4 hour work week ever.

Go from Cold Campaigns to HOT Sizzling Cash Generating Campaigns in 30 days!

Humans.Online.Targeting or How to Increase Your Business in 30 Days

Humans – Never marketing to your mind instead market to other humans and their desires.
Online – Lead with your online campaigns test and tweak its cheap and fast and direct!
Target – Targeting must be correct or nothing else will matter in the long term


Learn by “becoming” your target audience!

Starting with: Who is your average customer? Put yourself in that persons shoes…
Answer these questions and you’ll understand who your audience is and
– what they like,
– how they think,
– how they talk, and most importantly…
– what THEY WANT! This is CRUCIAL!

The “average” marketer doesn’t do this stuff!!

Get the advantage!

Let’s get started:
1. Where do they live?(location, states, country, etc)
2. Where do they hang out offline/online? (gym, library, swimming pool, parks, bars, clubs, etc)
3. What or Who do they hate?(sport teams, political views, etc)
4. What do they buy?(equipment, gear, etc)
5. Where do they shop?(stores, online stores, etc)
6. What are their passions?(family, hobbies, etc)
7. What do they go daily? (location, state, beach, mountains, etc)
8. Where do work?(school, hospital, etc)
9. What or who do they love and are passionate about?(sport teams, political views, hobbies, etc)
10. What organizations are they in?(federations, associations, etc)
11. What Iphone/Android or FBK apps do they have?
12. Around what age are they??
13. Female or male?
14. Children or no children, how many etc
15. Who do they admire? (celebrities, political, athletes, public figures, etc)
16. What do they read? (magazine, books, blogs, forums, etc)
17. What music, movies, actors do they like?(actors, music genres, movies, actress, etc)
18. What events do they attend?(meetings, parties, competitions, conferences, etc)
19. What do they often say?(words that they often use, and other terminology they may have)
20. What are phrases that they often use?(quotes or slang’s that they may use?)
Think of MORE!
Dominate your NICHE!
Dominate your TARGETING!
Dominate your DESIGNS!

Discover places to find targets :-
– live events
– institution-
– authors
– websites
– books
– writer
– forums
– songs
– music artists
– clubs
– foundations
– federations
– celebrities
– athletes
– tournaments
– competitions
– location
– newsletters
– magazines
– leagues
– organizations
– brands
– products
– conferences
– colleges/universities
– stores
– blogs etc..

Once you “GET” your most probable client marketing becomes almost magical as you target the people who will become your brand ambassadors and ramp up your sells in no time. In the following weeks I will share more tips on How to Increase Your Business in 30 Days.


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