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How to Promote Your Party or Event Online?

How to Promote Your Party or Event Online?

Star Riley

When it comes to marketing your party the following article will provide a few solid guidelines for promoting your event using the power and viral nature of the internet.

Before you begin promoting your event make sure you have enough time after all you want to benefit from the power of people sharing your information online. A good time frame to start promoting would be 4 months before your event more time is always better but no matter how much time you have the following tips will help greatly increase your market penetration.

The first place I would recommend you go and start sharing information about your event is on Facebook let all your Friends know and then ask them to share with their friends. If you don’t have an event page then set one up and use that to not only drive people to your event but to have an idea of how many people are coming to the event.

On Facebook look for groups and or pages related to your event or venue and post your event example: links to Florida Party and Club Events group and they allow postings for any Party or Club event. If you search FaceBook you will find many more such groups that you can share with their members just be respectful and do not spam by posting ever hour the same event flyer or what have you.

If you can research the people who would most likely enjoy your event go so far as to ask them what websites they go to online the most.

Knowing what places your target audience frequents online allows you to post your event on those sites, also check your local newspapers they usually have an online edition and they often provide free event listings and or discounted ads for online promotion.

Social media sites other than Facebook can also establish additional traction when it comes to promoting your South Florida Event Online. Sites like Twitter allows 140 character tweets but you can also get more information out by linking to your event page on Facebook and also any event news you have garnered on the net.

Facebook is not the only social media that has a huge amount of people or an events page if you have an account on LinkedIn you can create a local event and share it with your connections. Be sure that you build your connection around the people who would go to your event and you also join LinkedIn groups related to your niche and party theme, this will allow you to attract more people who may consider going to your event.

Although LinkedIn Events is a great option to promote events, your event has to match the type of market you’re sharing with, so be mindful that LinkedIn is geared to more professional business crowd if your event caters to this group then you are in good company if not stick to twitter, Facebook and other online resources.

Another great event promotions site to use that many people are unaware of is Yahoo ‘s Event site categories covered by Yahoo’s upcoming event site is Comedy,Commercial,Community,Conferences,Education,Family,Festivals,Media,Music,Performing/Visual Arts, Politics, Social, Sports and Technology related events.

When it comes to promoting any Music act sites like allows you to Add tour dates and have them published across Facebook, Souncloud, Bandcamp, WordPress, Tumblr, YouTube, Foursquare, The Hype Machine and other online platforms.

Using as many of the different methods to promote your event will have a much bigger effect and penetrate more places.


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