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Here are just a handful of reasons why you should put plenty of effort into Pinterest marketing.

1. Pinterest is visual. Pinterest is all about images. This is great for designers, photographers and other creative businesses because we’re all visual businesses. Part of our client intake process involves potential clients going through images of our work. What better way to capture leads than to attract their attention with our work in their Pinterest streams?

2. Visitors can convert into hardcore followers. Have you ever spotted an interesting blog post on Pinterest, clicked through and fallen head-over-heels in love with the blog? So in love that you followed them on Bloglovin’ and subscribed to their newsletter? If you use Pinterest effectively and frequently to market your business, I guarantee your following will increase

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Small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) make up the bulk of Pinterest’s business accounts. Of the companies using the platform, 80 percent have less than 10 employees. Take, for example, Heather Cleveland, a Bay Area interior designer whose eponymous design firm has just one employee besides herself.

Cleveland initially used Pinterest for fun and started bringing it into her professional life as a way to gauge her clients’ tastes. She likes the platform because Pinterest, like her industry, is completely visual, and design terms like “modern” and “contemporary” are completely subjective.

If people had a crystal-clear vision of the way they wanted their homes to look, they wouldn’t have sought out her services in the first place, Cleveland notes. “[Having clients make Pinterest boards] enabled me, in the beginning, to zero in on their aesthetic without going two or three rounds doing detective work,” she says. “Customers appreciate that because it allows them the flexibility to spend more money on furniture and less on me figuring out what they like.”

Household names like Nordstrom use Pinterest mostly as a branding tool. While Cleveland does that as well – sharing her blog posts on the site increases her visibility and authority within the design world – she also uses the site to grow, frequently generating new business through her boards, which more than 5,700 people follow.

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When people think of Pinterest they usually associate it with women looking for pretty pictures of cupcakes, wedding decor and homeware. It’s true- I myself am a sucker for a picture of a pretty wedding. But Pinterest is also used for business, and if you’re smart, you’ll use it for your business. Pinterest can not only boost your blog traffic, it can increase your number of newsletter subscribers, drive customers to purchase your products, and even steer potential clients in your direction.

Pinterest is my second highest source of traffic they see me on Pinterest and when they click it, they’re lead right to my website.

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