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My Personal List of Resources

Best Tools and Services for Running an Online Business

Star Riley's Best Tools and Resources List

The following list is tools and resources that I highly recommend to my clients, and while not all tools apply to everyone over time they are essential to myself and my high level clients.

As an online marketer I get compensated for sharing most things on this site however I do not for any price make any mention or recommendation of any tool or resource myself or other members of my team including mastermind group and or JV Partner members do not find helpful period point blank!

Best Tools and Services

Be sure and bookmark this page as we will continue to update with new resources or remove resources if they do not continue to provide the highest level of service and functionality for our team and clients.

Best Direct Domain Name Registration

What makes this our go to domain service is the hands down provide the same service as any other registrar and include privacy without any extra cost, why go with anyone else?

Buy a Domain

Best Hosting Service

MyUSA Media also offers a Direct Website Management Plan That includes Free Hosting for our VIP Clients and Partners. We use or relationships with the same companies we recommend who have been in business for years and maintain highest level of operation to deliver the best hosting experience possible while allowing our many licensed software and services to work seamlessly in the background of your online operations with you having to pay extra for them.

We also have our proprietary security and monitoring set-up that’s only provided to our core team and clients of our web managing and monitoring services.

While we do our level best to protect your site from intrusions, hacks and any other threat baring and act of God in the highly unlikely chance something does happen our team will 100% guarantee to re-upload and relaunch your site within 48 to 72 or much less from our secure offsite backup files. In fact we will not rest until we get the job done no matter how long it takes based on the unforeseen circumstance.

This amazing service starts at $30 a month if you are interested send a request to sales [at] attention web maintenance team so we can send you a Paypal invoice and start setting up your plan based on your needs right away.

Best Auto-responder Services

When it comes to marketing email has the best bang for your buck as a marketer we often tell our clients that when you contact your client 5 – 7 or more times you have a must better chance of closing the deal. Many people need follow up to make a commitment and if you have to do direct hand holding it can make the process too costly to be worth the effort but a simple web mail follow up system not only provides value to the potential client it also allows you to close more deals and keep current clients in the loop.

Another way to look at this is often when marketers have a list of 10,000 clients the easily generate 10k dollars a month using our system of follow up and relationship building. One of the most powerful things you can do to attract and maintain the right group of supporters, clients or what have you is to provide a value added monthly newsletter and within the content you share provide value enhanced up-sells and niche based offers.

Send Your First Email Newsletter Today – AWeber Communications

The video only goes over one of the empowering things you get with this service if you get from this page our team will help you set up your first campaign and provide some valuable content you can share from day one!

Best Online Success Coach Mentor Consultant

When it comes to making real advances online nothing beats having a person who has walked the walk and achieved success provide advice and lend a ear, you can learn from mistakes or you can win with a mentor. If you have a strong desire and vision to build a real business that can benefit from the digital age advances that have taken over the financial success niche from social media to digital product development then the best thing you can do is invest in yourself by getting a coach today.


From an one hour consultation starting at $500 to having my Team develop a 100% Original digital business with your own product and establishing Your Brand Online allowing you to start and establish a solid successful online business operations from $2000 to $8000., to coaching you to six figures and beyond with a starting budget of $25,000 the only suggestion I can make is to contact Me and get started!


Start-up Owner’s Manual: Rich and Wealthy Ways to Build a Successful Business Online A Simple Wealth Generation Plan anyone can use to Create Financial Success.button3 copy