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Retire Rich – Emergency Retirement Plan

Retire Rich :

Your Simple Emergency Retirement Plan

Many Americans will be retiring in the next 3-5 years with less money to live on than their parents. Let me share with you the story of my best friend Alfred he is about to retire in a year after years working in law enforcement and while he has done well he is actually worried about maintaining the lifestyle he has established for his wife and child.

Alfred Filmore made all the right choices he worked hard and is making good money but after looking at his retirement nest egg he realizes any medical emergency, negative legal landmine or anything out of the plan could cause his castle to crumble.

He came to this understanding when his friend Frank Alexander experienced a blindsiding unexpected and not prepared for situation that came up as a result of a workplace situation that although exonerated he had to dip into his reserves to maintain his family while he went through it and if that wasn’t bad enough soon as the storm cleared.

Bam! Financial disaster struck while he was down on his luck dealing with life issues..

Yep…When it rains it pours, instead of retiring rich after losing a chunk of his retirement money his children went through a tragic health situation while his insurance was not in good standing thus destroying his remaining savings.

Frank would not be able to retire and in fact had to keep working once he left the “COMPANY” doing work below his standard of pay just to maintain his families new sub-standard lifestyle.

Witnessing his friend go through this A.F was well aware that one medical, legal or any financial disaster and the hard work and years of retirement planning and investing would only weather certain financial storms.

When we started our success coaching Alfred was desperately seeking a back-up plan for his families financial protection. He had the idea of building a million dollar ebay business but became more reasonable after our first session while having a million in the sounds cool we came to the conclusion that an extra 40k a year was more than enough to outlive his nest egg and plan for any bumps in the road.

The key factor for successful wealth is more about savings and managing than making money in the long run. Your money has to work for you to start establishing a quality lifestyle and retire rich.

After connecting and going over goals and coming to a place we could focus on creating a personalized plan of action for online income generation to supplement and safe guard his families nest egg based on proven models.

Investing in Digital assets like Free Mobile Apps etc.

As an online success coach and mentor sharing methods that I have had personal experience with and as a result can easily walk people through the pathway to achieve similar if not greater success.

Retire Rich

Mobile App Money as a Method to Retire Rich:

Using billion dollar platforms like Google Play, Amazon, and Apple combined with my App Money Coaching we could develop and or acquire apps that have the potential to make money when people download them for FREE and play them paying the owner revenue based on in app ads etc.

Example of a live account with over 10 apps making money daily

Retire Rich With Apple Store

Example of  Google Play Store focused on business related apps working on a more local marketing level while helping business owners promote their local business through mobile apps.

Retire Rich with Mobile Apps

Most people may dream of becoming the owner of the next angry birds and waste time fumbling around chasing hope. While people who have a strong reason to develop a true lifestyle business will always seek and find a mentor and as a result succeed as others keep on dreaming.

If you are interested in retiring rich making money with mobile apps then click the following link for a coaching session to see if we can work together in accomplishing your goal: (If any spots are open the link will open a form to fill out if not please continue to get my FREE ongoing Blog Series)

Click Here: Retire Rich – Online Success Plans

I wont lie to you and say its an easy path to wealth and income but it has been better than the 40 year retirement plan for many others myself included. To win you have to get your head out the clouds and build using a methodical step by step action plan and invest not just in acquiring and or building assets but in marketing and promoting those assets once they are in your account.

Even if you are doing great financially you are just one moment away from financial calamity:

•Malicious lawsuits
•Capital controls
•Currency deflation
•Gold confiscation
•Sudden asset seizures
•Mad-hat regulations
•Rising income tax rates
•Shifting estate tax rules

If you are interested in my Retire Rich Coaching with your Own Online Success Program be ready for some if not all of the following :

  1. Investing in a Mentor ( Online Success Coach Star Riley )
  2. Get a solid understanding of the digital asset & a vision of how things work. ( How do you make money?)
  3. Investing in developing Assets ( Building or Buying Digital Assets)
  4. Investing in Generating Revenue with Assets (Most Times this is a Marketing Budget)
  5. Continual Self Development and Education if needed
  6. Grow Portfolio of Assets until your revenue reaches the level desired

When it comes to making money online or with digital assets and virtual real estate you have many options that can help with your retirement income. I will continue to share with you weekly those options from affiliate income, ad money methods, digital publishing, email marketing, software business, mobile apps, blogging etc…

I know you can come up with many other online income methods however as an Online Success Coach if its something I don’t personally have experience with it will not be included in my very personal mission to help you find something that can allow you to focus and RETIRE RICH with Riley!


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